Small websites like ours never benefit from ad campaigns, slick marketing, or huge undertakings to get the word out. They prosper because people take the time to pass on the link to a friend or their own readers, and hopefully the pattern continues. So, in that vein, I’m going to do my best at the end of every month to give a shout out to the sites that sent the most eyeballs our way during that time. We have no affiliate program or sponsored advertising going on, so we rely on the goodwill of others. The least I can do is throw a link back. Your kindness is greatly appreciated!

With that, our top ten (non social-networking) referrers for January:

1. (Specifically, thanks to Andrea Miller and our inclusion in the Sunday Funnies)
2. (Scott and Randy kick ass, as always)
4. The Wow_ladies community on Livejournal (Thanks to cliomuse for the link!)
5. Geekgirldiva’s blog on Entertainment Earth (whose tweets are also some of my faves)
6. (Scott Johnson x2!)
7., a Second Life community
9. [IRON] – A Horde guild on the Kil’Jadeen server
10. The Junta Clan forums, an EVE Online community(?), I apologize if I’m wrong.

Finally, as seen above, we had a WoW guild crack the top ten list. I mentioned this on twitter: We’ve been linked to over the past few weeks on countless guild forums. Usually the link exists in a guild-only private area where we can’t peek, but we know that you’re sending people over. And for that, again, thank you.