With all the fervor over the new wings of Icecrown Citadel, we’ve been extremely excited to get our hands on the new content. However, as it sometimes happens, entropy worms its way into what was previously a good thing. As I mentioned in Twitter a few days back, CP and I lost our raiding guild to inconsistent attendance and frustrated GM’s. We’re looking for a new home and we’re hoping that someone might have a place for us. We’re located on the Horde side of Cho’gall and hoping to find a group that raids later on at night, 9PM server or after. CP’s a pally tank, and I’m an arcane mage. Got room?

Questions to your answers: I’ve raided since Vanilla WoW, CP was our guild’s main tank up into Festergut. My gear score is right under 5k, CP’s is much higher. Yes, we’re researching in game and on the forums, but it never hurts to put a shoutout here. We’d like to find a more mature guild that would collectively understand the definition of words like “entropy”.

Let us know if you can assist.