So, there are now more than a few easy ways to keep up with The Daily Blink without coming to the website constantly. They are, in no particular order:

1) Get updates and general foolishness by following @dailyblink on Twitter
2) Join our brand new Facebook page, where all of our strips and blog post updates appear
3) Follow our RSS feed using the links in the right sidebar (over there) ———–>

You are more than welcome to do a combination of the three, if not all at the same time. If you should feel compelled, don’t be afraid to share said methods with your friends or your guild.  (Yes, I will shamelessly plug your brains out. If this website had a floating tooltip, it would list +50 to Whoring upon equipping. Don’t try me.)

Also, don’t be afraid to use whatever method you can to let us know how we’re doing. Communication is important in any relationship. Main healers, I’m looking in your direction, you know what I’m talking about.