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If this were all true, Wintergrasp would be a lot more interesting.

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  1. Bear Pelt

    It’s a favourite stunt of mine to give people a friendly ride around Dalaran, and give it a finish by leaping out the sewer exit pipe to a scenic but swift demise.

    But that’s only for the hapless passenger. Swift Flight Form for the win!

  2. Chris W.

    Pshh, viagra canadian pharmacy I has Arachnoweave tinkered cloak. I’m ready for that ride.

  3. sijmister

    Priest, levitate, suck it!

  4. Kriss

    Pally. Bubble. Oh Yeah!

  5. Menuc

    Pshhh Reincarnation … better than nothing

  6. Bobkitten

    Mage: Slowfall, blink, ice block….you get the idea =)

  7. Tibursjach

    Rogue: walk from graveyard

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