I started a thread in Reddit that has become an extremely fun conversation between players about some of the more nefarious things that everyone has done to other players. I’ll share here what I posted:

I was grinding in Teldrassil on an alt when a guy started spamming general chat like crazy begging for people to walk him through quests and find him the best grinding areas. It was clear he just wanted whatever shortcut he could find to prevent actually having to play the game.

After 45 minutes of this without any relief, I told him that there were some mobs north of Wellspring lake that were worth a lot more XP and dropped more loot.

“What are they called?”
“Oh, they’re called Snipes.”
“Snipes? What do I look for?”
“They’re cloaked, so you’ll have to get up real close to them.”
“Great, thanks!”

That shut him up for about half an hour. He was willing to waste 30 minutes trying to find a single one of these mobs rather than ding multiple levels in the same amount of time just killing normal mobs.

Do you have a story about being a bastard in World of Warcraft? Share it in Reddit or drop it in the comments here.