We had help on our strips this week, and I want to give shoutouts to everyone!

First, our Convicted Warlock from Monday was played by Twitter user @geekgirldiva, who volunteered her time to pose for a level 1 toon which I created and ran to Stormwind on her server. We did some other shots too which may show up in future strips, keep an eye out!

Also, today’s Rogue recruitment could not have been done without the help of @skulldaisygimp and @ghodamus, who shouted out funny names for rogues when I asked for them on Twitter. +1 internets to you both.

As we have mentioned on our own twitter account, we are always on the lookout for assistance with strips – particularly, large groups who are up for posing for more complicated scenes while being directed over Ventrilo. If you’re up for such an adventure, head to our contact page and drop us a line!