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I would tell all of you to go to hell, but... yeah, you know the rest.

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  1. Magey

    As a mage, I approve.

  2. Gazimoff

    You’ll take my strudel when you pry it from my cold dead hands!

  3. Daniel Mesa

    “Shadow Priests secretly want to be warlocks”. Very funny. I played a priest myself, and he grew up as a shadow priest until I reached lvl 60. Then everybody wanted a healer, so, I never went back to be a dps ever again… sniff….

    What I don’t get is… is it intended to be a magazine for men or women? Or neither?

  4. duffry

    “You’ll take my strudel when you pry it from my cold dead hands!”

    Your proposal is acceptable.

  5. Bear Pelt

    It needs a pet care section for the tending of felpups of various temperaments!

    Seriously though, I love these covers!!!

  6. Neuropox

    ! felguard spread….

    cant say im into that sorta thing but i think i know a few undead and alliance turned horde that are 😛

  7. Joeshmoe79

    I would realy like to see those Seductive Succubi 😀

  8. ManMachine

    as a former warlock turned death knight, i approve this.

  9. Phil Kahn

    I think my favorite thing about this is that if I were still playing, I would have straight up read this magazine sincerely.

  10. Sengir

    “Deeps Dots Demons Dungeons and Hating Mages” – sing that to the tune of “Baby Come Back to Me (Morse Code of Love)” by Manhattan Transfer.

    Yeah, I went there.

  11. Malekhad

    As a mage of the Proudmoore server, to quote Stewie Griffen: “Hate you too, bitch.” Nah, I love my demonic counterparts.

  12. Defebwar

    I’m totally excited for the felguard spread!! My loyal bodyguard….*sighs dreamily*

    Love your work guys!! Also, I’d love this magazine to pieces if it were real. /subscribe

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