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Call me a Rofltaxi.

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  1. skulldaisygimp

    I like it. I like it a lot. Though I know a lot of Blood Elf hunters and surprisingly few Troll… well, anything. 😛

  2. Gnomechaser

    If only if Blizz had the sense of humor you have when it comes to achievements…

  3. Taija the huntress
    Taija the huntress

    I love the idea..

  4. Randii

    At Finland we call it “Friday”

  5. Ragnook

    Dammit! I WAS a Blood Elf Hunter just a few days ago!

    But I became a goblin for fun.

  6. Aralon

    Oh please, like 90% of americans say they are irish ¬_¬

    Actually feel insulted by that, and I am from Northern Ireland!

  7. Junai

    Hah, that would be great, I’d love it considering St. Patty’s is my birthday!

  8. Paddy McPaddyson
    Paddy McPaddyson

    it’s St Paddy’s day.

    I love you America, I really do, call it “a-loo-min-um” all you want, tell me you “could care less” , but goddamnit it’s not “patty”, Paddy is short for Padraig, the Irish version of Patrick. Patty, is not short for Patrick, we don’t call it Patty’s day. Patty is a fat southern american female name }:(

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