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Call me a Rofltaxi.

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  1. skulldaisygimp

    I like it. I like it a lot. Though I know a lot of Blood Elf hunters and surprisingly few Troll… well, anything. :P

  2. Gnomechaser

    If only if Blizz had the sense of humor you have when it comes to order cheapest viagra uk achievements…

  3. Taija the huntress
    Taija the huntress
  4. Randii

    At Finland we call it “Friday”

  5. Ragnook

    Dammit! I WAS a Blood Elf Hunter just a few days ago!

    But I became a goblin for fun.

  6. Aralon

    Oh please, like 90% of americans say they are irish ¬_¬

    Actually feel insulted by that, and I am from Northern Ireland!

  7. Junai

    Hah, that would be great, cialis safety I’d love it considering St. Patty’s is my birthday!

  8. Paddy McPaddyson
    Paddy McPaddyson

    it’s St Paddy’s day.

    I love you America, I really do, call it “a-loo-min-um” all you want, tell me you “could care less” , but goddamnit it’s not “patty”, Paddy is short for cialis professional sale Padraig, the Irish version of Patrick. Patty, is not short for Patrick, we don’t call it Patty’s day. Patty is lowest price generic viagra a fat southern american female name }:(

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