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Actually, this habit doesn't bother me nearly as badly as those who insist on placing their Push to Talk key on a button that's repeatedly used in their spell rotation.

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  1. Selfish

    Because of this page in specific, I laughed so hard I flipped over my chair. I love you.

  2. jedensuscg

    My wife is the opposite..i cant get her to use the damn keyboard for anything in WoW, whats the cure? She tries to move with holdling both mouse buttons…and use the mouse to turn in wide lazy circles at the same time.

  3. WAOW!

    I want mail it for a friend that told i cant bind E and Q for strafe around … and i told him use Right mouse button to turn ! and expand your bindkeys

  4. TheCreeperSKG

    Ever played CS? COD? UT? ANY FPS at all??? ANY other game than WoW??
    Ever made love to a man? You want to?

  5. Xià

    Haha, the best part of this is that we have a keyboard turner in the guild! :)

  6. Zacolyn

    Butbutbut! It’s so irritating to do it with the mouse! It took me long enough to stop using the arrow keys!

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