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First of all, I so TOTALLY told everyone that Orbs were on reserve at the beginning of the run. Didn't you hear me? Besides, you wiped the party on the first boss, and your DPS has been abysmal. Despite not actually being in the party, and being totally unaffected by your subpar playing, I'm making up new rules right now to determine that you shouldn't win the roll. Don't argue with me, it'd be a shame if your Authenticator stopped working properly... Yeah, you heard me.

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  1. Lele

    hahah i laughed so hard XD

  2. Searfrost

    I’ve been (note the past tense) in guilds like that. The sort of thing where Orbs, BoE’s, and rare crafting patterns HAD to be given to the GM/Asst GM….so s/he could give it to a deserving person “who would better benefit the guild,” which was almost always their friends.

  3. Callistazm

    LOL! That’s my server! I remember seeing Rebellight around too. That’s hilarious.

  4. Crestllinger

    mouse over text needs an extended display button to get it all, but a very scary threat at the end, funny too

  5. Paladinleeds

    “It’d be a shame if your authenticator stopped working properly”… some people decided to argue with that GM… Because now all our authenticators are not working properly.

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