It’s been brought to our attention that at least one person has wanted to know how they can contribute to The Daily Blink. As of right now, we have nothing to sell, and that’s by design because we haven’t come up with anything that we would be proud to sell you. We’re not ready to run out and start making T-shirts and stickers until they’re items that we ourselves would wear, or… stick, I guess. So! We have gone through the anguishing and painstaking process of adding a tip jar to the website. Should you feel moved to want to reward us for our thrice-weekly attempt to entertain you and your guild, you can do so by clicking on the Donate button up in the top right corner of the site.

Now, I will make a pledge right here: Any money earned through donations goes back into the The Daily Blink. If you wish to support us, we want to make sure that it’s actually supporting the site, and not our own horrible gaming habits. That means that donations will go towards hosting, bandwidth, and whatever costs we’d incur working on The Daily Blink.

We will also be working on ways to reward people that donate, and we’d like your suggestions. Would you guys like a nice big Daily Blink wallpaper? Shout outs on the site? Let us know how we can reward fans of the site!

Thanks very much for your continued support, we shall do our best to deserve it.

-Chris and CP