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Special thanks to members of AIE on Earthen Ring for posing for this shot!

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  1. Lele

    This is the best one so far, IMO.

    Pally or Priest one next! <3

  2. Zhiva

    you can celebrate one reader less

  3. Aoeadin

    Ahahahahahahaaaaaa Zhiva, you just proved the ‘Crybaby’ line right. Grow a pair and learn to laugh at yourself once in a while.

  4. Esme

    As a mage, I think you coulda come up with something better, but then again, mages arent really sterotyped into anything on my server. I still like the Warlock one best.

  5. Akiya

    LOL this is great – do warrior next!


  6. gpherder

    Easy to see the artist plays a warlock – they just can’t handle the power a mage puts out, so they have to close their eyes, grab their binky, and try really, really hard to pretend they have a place in any real raid. :)

  7. Raydex, Resident Huntard
    Raydex, Resident Huntard

    Lol, this is so realistic! I can’t wait to see how they insult MY class 😀

  8. Flintte

    Hehe, for anyone who reads the Damage Dealing forums, this is spot on. The only class that whines more than mages are shamans, and mages do a hell of a lot more dps than them.

  9. Bellamisty

    As a Druid, this is really funny. As a Mage also, ;_: – U hurtz mah feelinz.

    P.S. Do Druid next!

  10. MasterDeathknight

    U skipped mondays comic and its tuesday….are you gonna be making mondays?

  11. Threnody

    I love how we have a mage boycotting the whole site, a mage dismissing this cover as not very funny (but liking “the warlock one best”, oddly enough!) and another just turning it into an excuse to moan about warlocks anyway (nice to know you care! :) ). That “crybaby” line is sooo much sweeter with your butthurt, guys. :)

  12. MasterDeathknight

    My mage lolz at this btw, cuz we soon gonna be fire blasting Threnody’s ass XD

  13. Esme

    Threnody- I guess I don’t see the joke, I’m not a whiny mage, nor do I visit forums of whining mages, so jokes right over my head.
    I’m also an illustrator, and while it was slightly more amusing, I like the Warlock one best on a design stand point. I suppose I should have made that clear.

  14. Truffled

    I don’t understand the jab about lying about off-specs… ?

  15. Vissas

    I laughed at this, as a mage…

    @Truffled – Mages don’t have offspecs in the same sense other classes do (healing, tanking)… We have different specs, but you stack the same attributes (haste/spell power/crit/etc) for all of them – we’re pure dps, baby.

  16. Rose

    I thought this one was funny, just like the others, it just seems a little…empty. I don’t see too many whiny mages on my server either; they’re usually the most arrogant.

  17. lissabug

    @gpherder I know this is late to comment on this, but I just thought it was funny and no one else has said it. The artist plays a mage. 😛

  18. Searfrost

    If you play a Mage, and this upset you, suck it up. I mean everything put out about Mage’s pokes fun, from the “M.A.G.E.” and “Big Blue Dress” videos, to this. And, yes, I play a Mage too.

  19. Gäbriel - warsong
    Gäbriel - warsong

    it realy hurtz as a mage, but whatver… die your wierd paladins

  20. Rondy

    Funny how the most consistently OP’d class is constantly QQing. Excellent work!

  21. Crestllinger

    To the butthurt: go cast sheep on a reflected warrior and assume thy true form
    To the artists: GJ keep it up
    To the posers: excellent work!

  22. Alinor

    As a mage, I approve of this. Carry on!

  23. Cliff Jones
    Cliff Jones

    This one works on so many levels.

  24. Lakrin

    Heh… the lock one was hilarious (I’m a lock myself) and true, this one is just true. The mage comments are what made it funny, =P

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