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I always just picture all of them sitting up in the floating pyramid, sitting in a circle and sharing their feelings with each other. *shrug*

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  1. Razzmataz

    Totally unexpected and full-on giggle worthy. 😛

  2. Aphroditi

    I always knew Deathknights were all soft and cuddly on the inside. This confirms everything

  3. MasterDeathknight

    …-Icy touch-…

  4. Esme

    You spelled Listening and Celine wrong, just FYI. ^^;;

  5. HappyCow

    This is the best one of the Classic Periodics yet.

  6. Moodoom

    That’s me!!!!

  7. Rose

    Definitely NOT what I was expecting for the DK cover, but that’s what made it awesome. Would love to see that Tauren DK in a pink Noblegarden dress and a bunch of flowers.

  8. Morrigann

    My main is a male draenei DK. During noblegarden I dressed him up in the spring dress and bunny ears. I must say, he filled out that dress nicely

  9. Crestllinger

    All those dang herbalist DK’s running around ruining the mood…

  10. CJTheInvader

    Does it make me gay if i would love to be this form of deathknight?


    Easy listening music.

    Sharing feelings with eachother. :( That would be so fun!

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