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Back during Vanilla, if you only played Alliance, you feared Shamans the way toddlers fear the Boogeyman. I mean, in WSG, I always ran the other way. That kind of mystique is rare, and something I haven't seen other than when DK's first hit WoW (and were OP to boot). What does it say if I miss a playing experience like that?

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  1. Gazimoff

    Oh ho ho, love how that lead article is sooo last weekend! :)

  2. joceekym

    Hell, I just love the Daily Blink..


  3. Kathleen

    I’m looking forward to the druid one, it’s going to be the best!

    (I’m completely unbiased, of course)

  4. Bear Pelt

    All those wonders of frostshock….. shattered… D:< *grabs a pitchfork*

  5. Baenhoof

    I freakin’ love The Daily Blink. My husband and I always get a huge laugh out of every update!

  6. Anea

    “Betrayal: The “Frost Shock” switcher guy?”


  7. Akiya Warrior
    Akiya Warrior

    warrior warrior warrior!

    can’t wait

  8. Rose

    I just love that they put a Draenei on the cover for the fail shaman. I guess it’s just because us Hordies are better at it.

  9. Omii

    I’m kinda curious on what the grounding totem would answer 😛

  10. Morrigann

    It’s true that DW frost DKs are basically just undead enhance shammys…

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