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You have no idea how tempted I was to put it all in Spanish and list plots from telenovas. Tele-holy-novas. Ohhhhhhh God, there I go again.

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  1. Aphroditi

    lmao!!! Pure gold. Seriously burst out laughing when I read about the marriage.

  2. Bear Pelt

    Agreeing with Aphroditi there. I was floored!

  3. Kasapina

    Love the shocking secret o.0 and the tank confession.
    And I see a typo in marriage, yay 😀

  4. Baenhoof

    Never the tank’s fault. Ever.


  5. Akiya Warrior
    Akiya Warrior

    omg, this is a total win

  6. MasterDeathknight


  7. Amy

    Agreeing with Aphroditi there. I was floored!

  8. Flintte

    I think we know who wears the pants in that relationship.
    But anyway, as a priest, I’m deeply offended. Not really. Great comic =)

  9. Rose

    This one’s definitely my favorite so far. And it’s not like I play a priest or anything, so I’m totally not biased.


    The tank’s admission of guilt was the best part. It’s about time they started owning up.

  10. Crestllinger

    For giving lightwell drama its place 10/10

  11. Philipwns

    Lesbian marriage is legal in Azeroth?

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