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I swear to God that I have heard every single phonetic outburst on this cover over Vent. Usually in response to losing a roll, but I *have* heard them!

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  1. Deitus

    Sir, as a warrior, i am offended.
    *drinks tea from fine china while jousting on purebred steed*

  2. Krosh

    ME LIKE PAPER! Me read while tank boss! Also, some crumpets would go marvellously well with your exquisite tea, good sir.


  3. bamadam


    Thats Warrior speak for “awesomesauce” LOL

  4. MasterDeathknight

    Perfect impersonation.

  5. MasterDeathknight

    PS:We r now the new warrior.

  6. Akiya Warrior
    Akiya Warrior

    Raaaage! Me kill things good!

  7. Anea

    Deeps no deeping – ahahaha

  8. Baenhoof

    As a warrior, I heartily agreEEAAWAUUUUUUGH!!11

  9. Marius

    Fantastic! Also is it just me, or is that shoulderpiece giving us the finger?

  10. Erikamel

    This had me stifling laughter at work! RAGGHHHAAA!!!

  11. Chris

    Deeps no deeping is a common problem I hear.

  12. Mortiseraph

    This makes me want to haiku…

    My name is Morti
    I am a warrior thus,
    I approve this page.

  13. Eilonthay

    @ Erikamel–I had the same problem. I only got through half of it and could barely contain myself–how I wish I had a cubicle. One with a door. I had to wait until I got home to read the rest so that I could lmao in private. Best one yet!

  14. Rose

    Okay, I was wrong. THIS one is my favorite, not the priest one. Although, I didn’t see the “sophisticated warriors” part and thought you guys had made a second DK cover.

    And don’t worry, Marius. I saw it too!

  15. Moosh

    Me can wrote haiku too!


    It good, yes? Say it good or me smash.

  16. HItmeagain

    I firmly believe that Warriors need some sort of beneficiary return from intellect. I believe dodge should be linked to said statistic. through rapid computing they can predict the precise location of the incoming dragon talon and side step.

    Buffing the intellect requirement also has the side benefits of better diction in raids, better social interaction and contribution to the banter regarding the use of cabin boys called roger that is usually the conducted by the shadow priest and holy paladin.

  17. Sinamon

    though every line on this periodical is hilarious, “the raid gets in the way!” is gonna have to be my top, quickly followed by “deeps no deeping.” beautiful.

  18. Crestllinger

    #1battlecry For Pony! #82 Run!

  19. Chambertin

    Pure genius, laughing to tears. SO happy I found this site

  20. Chambertin

    I love that shoulderpad.

    ‘If you no understand F**CK OFF RAID ME SHOULDER SAY FOR ME !!!”

    If you’re having a bad day, bookmark this page.

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