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  1. Baenhoof

    Fuck these guys.

  2. Aphroditi

    L O FREAKING L! That was a good one.

    They do have one weakness I have found. Punch them in the face or touch their hair; they FREAK out and start crying.

  3. Rsinist

    Aww man, I’m a pala, I’ve been on the edge of my seat for this 1. Comon is that all? I don;t mean to hassle, just the other classes alrdy done were so awesome, why so little on palas?


  4. Chris


    I nearly spit out my drink… or at least I would have if I were drinking something. Ignore the pally players, this one is the best yet. :)

    Loving the series, keep it up.

  5. dark karl
    dark karl

    cheers! I think it’s awesome… always loved being overpowered… and seeing the other classes writhe in agony…

  6. Sedirex

    Please save druids for last. Don’t give those dirty hunters that honor.

  7. Frisky

    I’m a paladin and I have to say its tough being the best, you know just really *sniffle* tough.

  8. Akiya Warrior
    Akiya Warrior


  9. Shankstaicho

    Awesome! “God’s chosen class” – a definite truth! hahahahaha.

  10. MasterDeathknight

    *Bitch slaps random ally pally, and makes ghouls using nearby pally corpses* Hm? im sorry what were you saying?

  11. Raydex, Resident Huntard
    Raydex, Resident Huntard


  12. Dallanna


    Need I remind you, and I think it bears being repeated, that paladins couldn’t tank or DPS in vanilla because the designers of WoW at the time were wankers of EQ that threw fits and crashed servers because warriors weren’t the best and that tranlated into WoW, turning paladins from the iconic class that they were into a priest in plate that could heal and only heal.

    No, I’m not bitter. Why you ask?

  13. Benemus

    This may not have been as laugh-out-loud funny as the Warrior one, but I still liked this one. Glad to see someone acknowledging how hard it is for us paladins to be awesome.



  14. Crestllinger

    Screw You Pallies! Sayeth The Blink

  15. Holypalladin

    @ Aphroditi *Trys To Touch my hair* No. *Bubble* *Hearth*

  16. Lakrin

    Hah, this is awesome!

  17. Erchamion

    Oh, how I miss those days…

  18. Chambertin

    They do have one weakness I have found. Punch them in the face or touch their hair; they FREAK out and start crying.

    I love my Pala, plaied in vanilla. This is exactly what it should be.

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