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Willpower held out on a list of druid pick up lines. Mostly because I couldn't even begin to fit them all on a single cover. (Special Double Issue!!!) Naaaaaah.

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  1. Kathleen

    As a feral druid, I approve.

    (except for the shammy bit, since I am married to a shaman. then I get to blackmail him for trinket drops!)

  2. Magey

    Fukken lol’d at the Focus Magic bit. 😀

  3. Swenka

    Hilarious. All of them. Keep up the good work. (What? It was either a catch-all comment, or commenting on each one individually 😛 )

  4. Wally

    Damn right its not enough! I’ve actually secured my guilds mage’s firstborns soul in order to insure that i get focus. /shakesfist at hunters

  5. Weji

    Omg, is that a Weji on the cover?

  6. Bear Pelt

    “Feral DPS Vs. Brain Surgery – We examine which is more difficult.”

    And yay to em hordie droods.

  7. Raydex, Resident Huntard
    Raydex, Resident Huntard

    Feral DPS, of course. Yeah, I’ve got a druid, too.

  8. Akiya warrior
    Akiya warrior

    omg this is the best one I think

    lol @Wally

    big cow/chicken ftw, @Bear Pelt

  9. Moodelius

    Boomkins FTW!

  10. Undra

    Hunters: saving the best for last?

    Is the magazine going to be chewed on?

  11. Dallanna

    Crit Chickens… the other White Meat.

  12. Chris, of Shock
    Chris, of Shock

    “How to get to level 20 without killing yourself” You don’t know how many times I’ve tried to level a druid. I’ve never made it to 20.

  13. Myranii

    lol, I actually managed to get a druid to 20 without dying, then managed to die three times in a row trying to reclaim my body xD finally said screw it and took the rez sickness.

  14. Farissa

    Just looked back at these noting the writings on it – “100k” realising that this isn’t too far off Cata stats for most classes at all at 85!

  15. Gornzak

    100k unbuffed not sounding so silly

  16. MacFuzion

    truly epic.

  17. Forestlord

    You should have put in “Balance DPS vs. Drawing Stick Figures- We examine which one is easier.” I literally only need four buttons to play my class (while a boomkin, of course): The attack button to select target, Starsurge hotkey, Starfire hotkey, and Wrath hotkey. Thats it. Everything else is optional.

  18. Tamani

    Since it is now Cataclysm, I lol at that “100k unbuffed” bit, since I now have 100k manaz unbuffed. Yeah, bitches! *rides away on a motorcycle for some reason…*


    Theres a water elemental to the bottom right of the treants right foot!

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