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We plan to do a ten part series with extremely obscure jokes about fake odds charts of different horse age groups. Exactly seven people will get it, but to them we will be COMEDY GODS.

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  1. Magey

    Wait…what did they predict?

  2. Wally

    the warlock strip from 5 or six days ago joked about locks stealng more mage utility stuff, and now locks are getting focus mag-*cough* ‘dark intent’ sorry

  3. Kasapina

    Well one thing I’m aware of is that the reader poll for the warlock magazine was “Which mage utility should we steal next?”. And soon enough, they got the Felfire spell, which is shadow+fire damage. It is similiar to frostfire bolt (frost+fire damage).

  4. Omar

    Don’t forget, frostfire….. Errr, shadowflame bolt

  5. Etrigan

    Dark Intent is a reworked focus magic

  6. Gazimoff

    I’m betting something like the Demonic Muffin or Fel Pie is going to be the next thing they get.

  7. Ghodamus

    Yeah… in WoW Insider’s summary of the Warlock class changes, the author directly mentioned the Popular Demonics comic. It was beautiful. 😀

  8. Shaftius

    Ah felpies! We used to use em as frisbees out on the demonic ranges of my youth.

  9. Chris


    That is all.

  10. Moria

    Ahh, but let me point out that mages are now getting a warlock ability! “The Burnout talent will allow mages to cast spells using health when they run out of mana.” While it’s not going to work quite the same way as Lifetap, it IS a very warlockian ability.

  11. Aphroditi

    Don’t forget that we steal it and make it better 😀

    Felflame > Frostfire Bolt

    Dark Intent > Focus Magic

  12. Heliolord

    Ok, what’s left for us to steal? Pastries, intellect buff… is there anything else we need to steal before mages become obsolete?

  13. imamagedude

    All we gotta do is finalize the name steal

  14. Daethena

    The big thing to notice that makes Dark intent different from Focus Magic (that most people seem to not notice, or ignore) it that DI procs off periodical damage and healing, and FM procs off direct damage and healing. Also FM increases the casting mages crit chance, while DI gives a straight damage boost 😀 Also of note, Warlocks arent the only one’s getting a new version of Frostfire >.>

  15. Rose

    If locks DO get food, I hope they don’t name it “Demonic Muffin” or “Felpie”. Both of them sound like horrible innuendo…not to mention rather untasty.

  16. Lol yo
    Lol yo

    If you mean the Druid one, it dosent count.
    Druids are clones by nature.

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