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But wait - it gets better! The Lich King's helmet? It totally starts to come to life and talks like Max Headroom, and it starts being all prophetic about future playable races! And MAN, am I stoked to play a Vrykul!

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  1. Aphroditi

    When I first saw the fountain I thought it was related to the Elder Festival.. boy was I wrong.

  2. MasterDeathknight

    LOL LOL ZOMG ROFL, i dont no y, but this one actually made me LMAO

  3. Bear Pelt

    I’m surprised he could find a way to get that breath meter up from that particular fountain 😛

  4. Rose

    I ruined this for myself accidentally too. I saw a new, shiny, golden display around the boring old fountain and had to click on it. I didn’t mind, though. By the time I manage to finish ICC, it’ll be old news. It does upset me, though, that the baby Murloc didn’t win the fight. I totally thought he had it when he had Mekkatorque on the ground with his blade at his throat…

  5. Morgan

    “the raider attempted to drown himself in the fountain but got bored waiting for the full three mins and left”

    this quote had me snorting coffee up my nose it was so funny..

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