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That horse brought in a lot of money. That's some thorough bread! HAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG, That's hilarious! Thorough bread! I mean... um... it's a pun... like, as in, a horse being a... yeah. (Awkward pause) Okay, I'm gonna go roll a warlock just so I can kill myself.

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  1. joceekym

    I am waiting for the fully T12 level 85, or whatever,
    to go on sale in the (STORE). Think of the time we
    can save by NOT playing the game to gear up.

  2. Chris

    Would it behoove you to stop horsing around and get back to making those adorable magazine covers?

  3. Sedirex

    The title text made it for me. “brb rerolling warlock” is now a euphemism for “I hate my life.”

  4. Arkay

    Bah. Dandruff horse. Overpriced dandruff horse! Why, it’s nearly the price of an expansion for one damned horse! …with dandruff!

    Let’s see a Helm & Spaulders trinket that rids the steed of its flakes.

  5. MasterDeathknight

    Blizzard is a bit to pricy about selling mounts/pets instead of just dropping it off bosses which r fucking rare to find plus this being fucking rare to get. They take the fun out of buying things :(

  6. Rose

    “They take the fun out of buying things”

    Buying things takes the fun out of the game. Oh, and Chris…i c wat u did thar.

  7. Crestllinger

    As it turns out all the horde feral druids will be up in arms over the next one, half to the tune of “Why don’t I have glowy wings?!’

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