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If you are a Paladin and take issue with today's strip, blame Rsinist in Monday's comments: We were assuming you had all gathered together and elected him as your spokesman. At least, it makes for better laughs that way. ;)

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  1. Ndiayne

    This article needs more gnome paladin representation, where can i find generic cialis imo. ♥

  2. Walia

    Ooh… Can’t wait for the Hunter issue, now :D

    Keep up the discount glucophage sale hilarious work!

  3. Jen

    Angry tree is angry. Give me my issue dammit!

  4. Carr0t

    As a Pally tank (offspec failhealz) i’d just like to order zithromax without a prescription say I thought the previous cover was *awesome*. Perfect in it’s simplicity, and it captured the general feelings on buying generic viagra Pallies very well. I linked it to all my guild in IRC and they all loved it too. The holier-than-thou look of the pally is cheap sumycin discount brilliant.

  5. treedroold

    this treedroold wants cover only to be for treedroolds

  6. xoc

    as a pally, the cover was perfect. this list made it even better than perfect.

  7. Wally

    as a member of the greatest class in the history of wow and possibly time itself i would like to respectfully submit that you save the magnificent descent of best price cialis the druid for last. That is all.

  8. Rafinius

    I think it’s hard to make an all encompassing Druid Periodical because they are like 4 classes…

  9. Raydex, Resident Huntard
    Raydex, Resident Huntard

    Lol, this is great.

  10. Sedirex

    I elect Wally as the spokesperson for the druids. And maybe hunters too.

  11. Baenhoof

    This is even better than the actual cover x3
    Best: #6: Paladins wouldn’t get the cheap discount cialis other jokes we came up with anyway

  12. Akiya warrior
    Akiya warrior


    that is all.

  13. RetPally

    Well, at least *I* thought the cover was funny.

    And true. /flex

  14. Dallanna

    Don’t get me wrong, where can i buy viagra I liked the design of the previous strip. It was pretty darn spiffy… it would have only been better if it was a dwarf… with a bloodies mace… standing on top of a blood elf.

  15. Kalatash

    …46 layers? Holy crap, I forget how complex Photoshop can get sometimes.

  16. Coffinshaker

    mwahahahahahha! I love it!

  17. Drithaan

    Over 9000 Hours in MS Paint.

  18. Benemus

    Hey, I liked it. Not only did it look classy, it properly showed the truth of being a paladin. I mean, you think it’s easy to be indestructible tanks, mighty harbingers of war, powerful healers, good at solo play wow I’m starting to hate myself now too.

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