By process of elimination, you might have guessed that our last cover will be dedicated to Hunters. There’s one small snag at cialis for uk this point: I don’t have a hunter to cost of cialis pose for the cover yet. And, order generic levitra to up the difficulty:

1) The shot that I want requires a flying mount, meaning I need to do this on my own server rather than creating an alt somewhere else

2) I would really like a Night Elf to pose, and I’m Horde, meaning I can’t just spam chat looking for someone

3) I’m on Cho’Gall, where there’s maybe a couple hundred active Alliance players at a time anyways.

So, internet, I turn to you: I need a NE Hunter on generic viagra us pharmacy Cho’Gall. If I can find someone, we can coordinate over vent and get the shoot done rather quickly. Later tonight (Saturday) or Sunday afternoon is going to be my best shot at getting this done. Please spread the viagra 150 mg dose word!