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25.6 meters before my masterpiece crashed to the ground. *sniffle*

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  1. sxymegger

    It’s okay. I know how you feel. Luckily I just downloaded the demo and didn’t buy the where to buy cialis whole game. (And for the sake of my dignity I wont tell you how many times I’ve played the demo.)

  2. Crestllinger

    ())) I’ll bet (look at keyboard if you don’t get this)

  3. kaima

    Oh. My. God. Just tried World of Goo, and now I *COMPLETELY* understand what you were going through. Haven’t even tried it on OCD, regular difficulty I’m still thinking “Okay, *this* time I know what I’m going to generic viagra pills canada do different . . . ”

    Let me know if you ever find find that 12-step program, please?


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