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Dude, did you see how (REDACTED) looks totally different now, like it's all (REDACTED) and stuff? OMG, yes! I can't wait to (REDACTED) the (REDACTED)!

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  1. Canukistani

    You, sir, are a meanie!

  2. Vio


  3. Aaron of Minneapolis
    Aaron of Minneapolis

    No leaks from you drips, I guess… :-)

  4. Coffinshaker

    /GASP! no fair! >)

  5. Tokkar

    Meh…all it probably said was [------------ CENSORED ----------------] with the new [----- CENSORED -----]. Looking at what I can see of the top of the text there, it also looks like they were talking about the fastest delivery of cialis [---------------- CENSORED ----------------]. Straightforward stuff, really. Can’t wait!

  6. Stip

    I can read a part of the bottom of the image that says “we still got our higher learning achievement, canadian viagra fast delivery though”


  7. Aaron of Minneapolis
    Aaron of Minneapolis

    @Stip: Different headline, though.

  8. Spawnedc


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