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Thanks to Leafi on Cho'Gall for posing for this cover, though he/she doesn't know that until now.

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  1. Aphroditi

    Omg I feel so fail… I ALWAYS fall for feign death in arena… sometimes they time it so perfect! Please tell me I;m not the only one??? T_T

    P.S. Amazing cover 😀

  2. Levix

    Eww NightElf male, shoot whoever rolled that. Its shameful to all Hunters out there :-p

  3. Pete

    Wanting to finish on a high note, I see that you have saved the best till last, Hunters being the most loved toons in WoW:)
    The first toon I rolled, three years ago, was a……male night elf hunter and still my favourite. Another great cover, at first I thought you had put a tag on the druids ear, but it seems to be an earring.
    ps. of course, the reason your computer mis-behaved was because of the bad karma from mocking hunters;)

  4. Bear Pelt


    Silly Windcaller Claw! Always giving us druids a bad name : (

  5. Raydex, Resident Huntard
    Raydex, Resident Huntard

    I knew a guy who fell for feign death when my pet was out.
    Haha, are those 80 ways including special characters that my crappy old keyboard can’t use?

  6. Music-chan

    I’m guessing the hunter you managed to nab is somewhere between 70 and 80. I can’t believe it took so long for you to find a Nelf hunter. 😮 I mean, they’re everywhere!

  7. Magey

    To be honest, the cover looks fantastic visually, but i had nothing that made me lagh out loud like the others. Great work, though. :)

  8. cc

    @Aphroditi – You aren’t the only one. According to the cover, there are 9 other people that fall for it too :)

  9. Jabbirtok

    Boo, Shoulda been a Dwarf or a Troll.

    Any other Hunter is a disgrace.

  10. Avasa

    Guys, the joke here is that it IS a male night elf….who somehow through noobness tamed the druid! That is why its so funny to me anyway. /thumbsup

  11. Hierakles

    Hidden PA reference is hidden O.o

  12. Tommirritant

    Love this…

  13. Akiya warrior
    Akiya warrior

    These are getting so good you should make high res mini posters or something.

    Now I don’t know which one is best, but this one might be!

  14. Susinko

    I see I’m not the only hunter who has tried to tame a Druid. I keep trying on my friend, Bear!

  15. Eilonthay

    LOL…”80 more ways to misspell Legolas”…so true. And oops, I guess I’d better find a good use for those 75,000 rounds of ammo I stockpiled three months ago. >_<;;;

    Druid pet–YES!!! /cheer I've always wanted a pet tree. =D

  16. Moiriana

    You know, that bow is epic, but the color text is the best part … *cough*

  17. Rose

    The “misspell Legolas” part made me laugh the hardest. I can’t count how many “Leggalaz” and “Ligiliss” type names I’ve seen. It’s not even funny or cute anymore, just sad. The worst part, though, is that I’ve never seen a blonde male Belf with a name like that. It’s always Nelves or Trolls or something. Okay, it’s funny if a Troll does it. No one else.

  18. Trinity

    Tame a Druid!!!!????? Been there, done that. . . Snagged a Tree for a bf. . . Think I even have screenshots somehwere of him in cat form napping on my lap 😉
    Great work on ALL the Mag covers guys!

  19. Rondy

    As an avid hunter, fisherman, happy Field & Stream subscriber and a WoW player, I can bestow upon this comic MegaWin.

  20. Rachael

    LOL! Cracking up when I read this. I love being a hunter… and I want to tame a druid!

  21. Landerolin

    The PA reference made me lol – for those who haven’t seen it/didn’t get it…

  22. Gmrgod

    “for those who never truly solo”

    I rofld.

  23. Chris

    Holy crap, I’ve always wanted to tame me a feral druid… Most awesome cover EVAR!

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