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Lost this strip a few months ago, found it! Reprinting. Sorry to the veterans who have already read this one, but I wanted to get it back on the site. :)

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  1. Neuropox

    I thought it looked familar…. oh well good for a second read either way!

  2. Sedirex

    Ooh, I’m a veteran?! We should have a special veteran’s club.

  3. MasterDeathknight

    fuck the forsaken!!! I dont like dead horses anyway. My starter uber hellstead pwns a stupid horse anyday. Especially since mine has flame shoes…

  4. Baenhoof


    Tauren rights! Tauren equality! WE’RE STEAK, WE’RE GREAT, GET USED TO IT!

  5. Heliolord

    Undead Tauren? I don’t let them get that far. After all, when I’m done killing Tauren, they’re already cooked.

  6. Alanaria

    He should just do what the forsaken leader did—after you die, wander into a corpse of a different race and claim it as your own. She’s obviously not a high elf, right?

  7. Raydex, Resident Huntard
    Raydex, Resident Huntard

    Hey, I’m a veteren? Cool.

  8. Vaerlana

    Actually Sylvanas’ canon( WoWwiki entry section Dark Ranger paragraph three and also WC 3 says that she went back and re-inhabited her own High Elven body.

  9. Phish

    i sorta lol’d.. Anyhow: VICTORY FOR SYLVANAS!

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