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Lost this strip a few months ago, found it! Reprinting. Sorry to the veterans who have already read this one, but I wanted to get it back on the site. :)

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  1. Neuropox

    I thought it looked familar…. oh well good for a second read either way!

  2. Sedirex

    Ooh, I’m a veteran?! We should have a special veteran’s club.

  3. MasterDeathknight

    fuck the forsaken!!! I dont like dead horses anyway. My starter uber hellstead pwns a stupid horse anyday. Especially since mine has flame shoes…

  4. Baenhoof


    Tauren rights! soft tab viagra Tauren equality! WE’RE STEAK, WE’RE GREAT, GET USED TO IT!

  5. Heliolord

    Undead Tauren? I don’t let them get that far. After all, viagra mail order when I’m done killing Tauren, they’re already cooked.

  6. Alanaria

    He should just do what the viagra 40 mg for sale forsaken leader did—after you die, wander into a corpse of a different race and claim it as your own. She’s obviously not a high elf, right?

  7. Raydex, Resident Huntard
    Raydex, Resident Huntard

    Hey, I’m a veteren? Cool.

  8. Vaerlana

    Actually Sylvanas’ canon( WoWwiki entry section Dark Ranger paragraph three and also WC 3 says that she went back and re-inhabited her own High Elven body.

  9. Phish

    i sorta lol’d.. Anyhow: VICTORY FOR SYLVANAS!

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