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If Malygos was anything like me, it wasn't that he forgot to conjure food, it was more that he couldn't find the Ritual of Refreshment in a sea of buttons on his screen, and was too lazy to open the spellbook.

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  1. Neuropox

    The most hated raid in Lich King. Too bad too, the lore behind it was phenomenal.

  2. Music-chan

    Most hated? Naw. Definitly hard for a first tier raid, but people I raided with rather liked him once the whole encounter was well-learned.

  3. Aphroditi

    lol!!! aww poor old guy…. funny as hell though

  4. Zorya

    wahahaha… poor guy :(
    actually this is weekly on my server this week, after 3 months

  5. Vio

    I freakin hate that raid lol

  6. Beckums

    rofl Malygos was hard? Yeah right, if you were terrible maybe.

  7. Cyllid

    The point wasn’t that it was hard….

    That pugs are stupid, and that vehicle fight’s are not fun.

    Especially when pugs are stupid.

    Was why people hated Malygos. (this is aimed at the comments)

    The comic made me feel bad for Malygos. I shoulda killed him again, before it was too late.

  8. Nostalgio

    Just like how Al Akir, lord of what, the Wind?, will be lost to the pages of history. ph 3’s involving flying and large emissions of electro-static energy seem to turn ppl off…

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