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Memorial Day

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  1. Neuropox

    Well done!

  2. PK

    As an Alliance player and the son of a long line of military people…thank you.


  3. moonwaves182

    This is excellent! Could I post this on my blog either Tuesday or Wednesday (with due credit to you guys?)

  4. Anea

    I really like this – well done!

  5. Pam

    Simple and sweet <3

  6. Monstone

    As a soldier that was wounded in battle I thank you for this. It is a amazing picture. The part of it that really hits me hard is that a member of my guild, a real life friend, a brother in arms, and a amazing man was killed in Iraq. He never got to see WoTLK or BC. Thank you for this picture.

  7. Rondy

    Love this. Love this for all who served, and all who paid the ultimate price so we can play silly games like WoW in safety and security. It is because our brothers and sisters put themselves in harm’s way are the reason why we live in a free nation, where we have such luxuries, so remember that the next time you see a Vet. God bless. Semper Fi!

  8. Alayea

    A fitting tribute. :-)

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