I am writing this post from home. I don’t wish to give away anything too early, but my computer is functioning for the most part again, and I am an idiot.

Now, I want to be clear: There definitely *was* something wrong with my machine, we just happened to be a bit off. So, as my buddy Mark (@ghodamus) worked on my machine, we diligently tore things apart and tried a spare power supply he’d brought over in the hopes of eliminating mine as the culprit, which we thought at one point was the case. The RAM came out okay, the mobo was doing alright. But the fact that the motherboard was pretty much posting normally and then everything just seemed to just not want to go the next step just was puzzling for everyone involved.

So, finally, after all of this, everything started working normally, even though we really hadn’t changed anything. A couple reboots after a windows update, and once again it wasn’t working. And then, a thought.

“Try plugging the monitor into the onboard video.”

Nothing. “Well, we need to set back up the-”

It was at this point that we plugged the monitor back into the video card, and everything worked fine.

“Well I’ll be damned…” the problem wasn’t the machine. It was the MONITOR. When it was being asked to change display modes or resolutions, it was flaking out completely instead. After testing out a few different scenarios, it was pretty clear. In short, my monitor is dying. For the next few weeks, I’ll be starting up my computer, unplugging the monitor from the video card, and plugging it back in: And everything will be fine, if you consider such a workaround “fine”.

This is why you keep a spare of everything for your computer, so that you can test this crap out instead of freaking out about which part of your tower you’re going to need to swap out for expensive replacement parts.

Thanks to Mark for helping get me back up and running, and for having the open enough mind to eventually realize the real issue at hand. I am off to find you guys a new strip for Wednesday.