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Obviously this strip is inaccurate, as half of it isn't ads for the newspaper begging you to buy a listing and praying you've never heard of Craigslist.

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  1. Aphroditi

    I lol’d hard core, but especially when I read the “MY ACCOUNT WAS HACKED” part 😀

  2. Neuropox

    Dang even dating has GS reqs now…. gotta wear my best mismatch of gear for the special someone then 😛

  3. Hunchy

    i love reading these!!

  4. Music-chan

    Orc pally? XD hahahahaha

  5. Wally

    me not that kind of orc! I go out ot the orc starting area and slap some peons around so i can hear them 😀

  6. Rothesh

    The best one is the AH ad, because it’s true and so goddamn annoying!

  7. GooDguyA

    The orc pally huh? Dude, I’d WANT to meet you after seeing THAT.

  8. Taijavu

    Gotta love the gearscore dating req, and the ad by poor old mankrik. lol

  9. Anea

    I really enjoyed this one :)

  10. Valenhil

    Where are your Khadgar Bars now, Whitehaven?

  11. Rondy

    “Me not that kind of Orc” fuggin’ HYSTERICAL.

  12. Eveningsky

    Orc pally, you say? 😀

  13. migara

    I’m answering the ad for NPC! lmao

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