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That's so HoT.

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  1. Music-chan

    Why isn’t her fabulous bag trending? This doesn’t seem nearly selfish enough. =p

  2. Anea

    The last line is best :D

  3. Neuropox

    i gotta try shouting “For the Horde” at walmart and see what happens…

  4. Trinity

    74+239=313. . . without a calculator

  5. Searfrost

    “Soloing Thrall”
    I watched a pair of DK’s duo the three bosses in Silvermoon, does that count? Rather, prescription drug cialis I watched them duo the bosses until a couple of 80′s came along (after a well placed tip by me).

  6. shawnchen016

    @ Neuropox, ive done it at multiple places, and i assure you. its worth it.

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