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If someone tells you how amazing this movie is, bet money that they haven't seen it and are simply trying to look trendy. In other news, you should totally go see this movie.

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  1. Neuropox

    so true…..

    the only city worse is Shatt….
    nah even then there are a few in and out.
    Try exodar. Most people, horde and alliance stay away from that place.

  2. Ghodamus

    You know, I actually liked that movie… But you’re totally right, SMC is a damn ghost town. Almost as lonely as Thunder Bluff.

  3. Music-chan

    I like Silvermoon because of it’s ghost town status. It’s very quiet and refined. The perfect place for my blood elf to go when banking and auctioning. =p

  4. Carr0t

    Went to see Moon in our local ‘arthouse’ cinema at the suggestion of my other half. I expected it to be something weird i’d just be bored by. I was very pleasantly surprised.

  5. Seyl

    Actually, on my server (AD) its always filled with players wanting to polish their ego and their one-handed roleplay, then again. I’m on an RP server and RP’ers are weird. (mostly good weird, but Silvermoon is an… exception.).

  6. Baenhoof

    I play on Moon Guard.
    Silvermoon is a bustling hub of vampire catgirls, dragons, werewolves and erotic roleplayers all looking to fap on each other.
    Its really quite beautiful.

  7. GooDguyA

    Moon is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I love Sam Rockwell and this is a crowning moment in one man cinema.

    I honestly don’t really get the joke itself, but kudos for the reference!

  8. Mokthu

    I play on Moon Guard, it’s probably one of the most populated places on that server.

  9. Lina

    I actually thought first that this was about Silvermoon-EU server which has close to zero hordelings.

  10. Lukahn

    Reminds me of the many hours I spent wandering that city, killing every NPC in sight just waiting for horde to show up to get the 5 kills achievement.

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