Hey, all. I hate writing this post, but I have to. As you might have noticed, we haven’t been updating since last Wednesday. Fact of the matter is, life interceded on comic writing time, and priorities had to be set. I have some new projects on my plate, and they have to take precedent. I haven’t even touched WoW in a couple weeks, which makes it a lot more difficult to think of new material. :)

So, for now, The Daily Blink is on hold. How long? Not sure. I’d like to think it’ll only be for the summer, but I refuse to make promises on this one. When the strip does come back, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.

I didn’t wanna be one of those comics that updates once every two months while pretending to still be situation normal. For my tastes, it’s either meeting the publishing schedule that you promise your readers, cutting that schedule back, or taking a break. For me, it’s the latter.

Everything’s going to stay up, the twitter feed isn’t going anywhere, and hopefully the strip will be back better than ever. But until then, thank you for making this strip as rewarding as it’s been so far. It’s a real treat to entertain all you geeks out there, and I hope that you’ll hold a spot in the raid for us when we get back.