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3 sets a day of 8 reps will get you Exalted in a month.

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  1. Moria

    WOOOT! Welcome back! Heh, feel sorry for poor Van Cleef there.

  2. Jennifer

    I’m looking forward to cutting the suck out of many of the classic dungeons.

    And, helloooo Vanessa Van Cleef!!

  3. phlons

    very funny, but does P90XP mean anything or is it just to look like all the viagra without prescription other self help items?

  4. Shuhzaam

    But but but BRD’s endless crawling was a classic rite of passage for generic cialis cheap a lvl 50′s!!!

  5. Sean

    P90X is a video exercise program.

  6. Seditiar

    Who would’ve thought?

  7. Xweed

    LOLOLOLOLOL @ VanCleef.

  8. Alayea

    Poor Edwin VanCleef. xD

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