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Inspired by the two weeks I spent believing that my favorite baseball team was coming to my church because my Mom said that someone was bringing the Twins to service next Sunday. Yes, Mom, I see the identical toddlers, where the #$*& is Kirby Puckett?!

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  1. PK


    I can totally imagine Varian doing that.

  2. Music-chan

    If Ilidan wasn’t dead, he’d be WAY more excited. I mean, it’s his class! professional cialis 20mg =p

  3. Linga

    “Phsoom Phsoom!” lol :D

  4. Shuhzaam

    We should totally get dual crossbows!

  5. Alpha0727

    What do you mean the Alliance does not have a Ghost Academy. Someone explain this video then.

    P.S. Welcome Back! Cataclysm is bringing everyone back! Guildies, The Daily Blink, Cranius.

  6. Sinamon

    hovertext ftw

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