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  1. Jennifer

    Deathwing has yet to target any of my toons, and I’ve been trying! He really is a sadist.

  2. AressFenus

    He flies around? I haven’t spotted him then.

  3. Bear Pelt

    Well, I was in Stonetalon the other day, [Stood In Fire] until my tauren became [Medium Rare]. Liking his proposed new warcry!

  4. Deana

    Haha! Burn, baby, burn! It’s a disco inferno!

  5. Outlawarcher

    I was questing on my mage and i just landed in morgans vigil, than out of nowhere the zone erupted into flame and i died, i was confused and sorta angry untill i saw the Standing in the Fire blink onto the screen.

  6. A warrior
    A warrior

    It was evening in Southern Barrens, and suddenly everything went red. I was like, “wow, they implemented sunset skyboxes”, when all of the sudden a FRIGGIN BADASS DRAGON wtfowned my butt.


  7. Paladin

    My Dk has been in Tanaris twice when he flew over, but I didnt get killed either time.

    I KNEW he was INTENTIONALLY not killing ME.


  8. Stalked by Deathwing
    Stalked by Deathwing

    While questing in azeroth I’ve probably been killed by deathwing 4 out of 5 times that he’s shown up in the same zone I was in, only once in blasted lands when I was at the demonic alter at the very edge of the zone did I miss is fiery wrath. Fortunately for all the people AFKing in front of the dark portal (where the city portals to blasted lands drops you off) have gotten [Stood in the Fire] without even realizing it.

  9. Jenny

    LMFAO that was hilarious. I kinda gave up on trying to get pwned by him. The only time I ever saw him was through a quest I did in the badlands (and no not the “epic” deathwing one).

  10. Jadedelf

    I haven’t gotten killed yet. /cry

  11. manos1234

    I got killed on the same toon 2 days in a row by the guy.
    the first time it was so sudden that I thogh that 15 ele shaman lava bursted me at the same time

  12. Razzariel

    Got this one accidently lol standing around minding my own business when WHAM!!! looked around like wtf then next thing i see is the spirit healer….. *sniff

  13. SlopDoggy

    you guys are gonna be pissed at me…I got this the day it came out. I was flying to TB on a Flightpath, got up to take a piss, came back, and I had one health with the achivement window disappearing. I was PISSED.

  14. Charlie B
    Charlie B

    I didn’t even try to get it,i was in uldum questing and the sky turned red and bam i was dead.

  15. Rondy

    I have an 85 BEDK that has been my Main since WoTLK came out, and do I have this achievement on him? Heck no – I have it on most of my lowbie alts. Damn you Deathwing, damn you!

  16. Akire

    He killed me the same day I got my Sambas as a pet in his very spawn spot!

    He must love me 😀

  17. Verunme

    I had been hunting this achievment since release only to get it by accident while afk…

  18. Enade

    I was fortunant enough to get killed by him at random while questing in Twilight Highlands. It only took him 4 days to kill me =D

  19. Crestllinger

    Got it in Uldum digging merrily. Oooo Pretty Sky FWOOOOOSH! *Ding! Bugger sure moves fast, about a 15 second window in a zone altogther

  20. Muffinslam - New Fan

    This was totally called for.
    I think everyone deep down knew this comic by heart, just couldent phrase it as good as you did. Simply brilliant.

  21. Nostalgio

    LOL this is by far the best ive seen, love it.
    Takes me to wetlands /general chat chaos,
    “hes going to the highlands, wait no, hes going to dun M.”
    “im just logging out in this zone f@3k it, tell me when he back”
    “i heard deathwing was here”
    “missed him”

  22. Eeshatae

    Three of my ladies have gotten this achievement. My gaming partner is livid because none of his guys have.

  23. Cyborg

    I got the Ach because a zeppelin came back to Org on fire and I flew into it out of curiosity “mhh… this thing isn’t always on fire and I never noticed, right?” One in a zillion chance.

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