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I made 350g yesterday in an hour, just asking for tips. So sick.

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  1. Tehdk

    Lol, maybe ill just finish lvling that lvl 5 mage of mine…

  2. Alpha0727

    I knew I should have joined the Mage Union.

  3. Aaron of Minneapolis
    Aaron of Minneapolis

    He he he… :-)

    As a mage, I assure you all that there is absolutely no truth to this rumor. Oh, and pst if you need a port anywhere — no charge, but tips are appreciated. :-)

  4. john

    For the first few days, yeah, but lower demand and increased supply of portals has seen the price plummet. It’s now along the lines of what Aaron asks, little or no charge with tipping along the lines of what you might do for enchanting, JC or lock picking.

  5. Pc

    As a warlock, I should consider to sell my healthstone and summoning service …

  6. Theyhateme - Rexxar - Horde
    Theyhateme - Rexxar - Horde

    As a representative of the Union Of Mages Of Azeroth(UOMOA), I would like to address this as being a rumor spread to bring more unrest in a trying time. Due to the low use of the portals in Shat the cost to maintain them is showing to be more than UOMOA is able to supply, and has been making up costs by sell of reagents(which sells on have dropped due to some revelations on how to properly cast spells with little to no reagents). As for the one in Dalaran, we are removing them before we take the financial hit of running them that we took in the prior scenario.

    If you look at the statistics of use for the portal services in Shat, as well as the drop in economy that occurred there during the move to Northrend, the decline starts shortly before the changes that occurred. With the belief that there is going to be some catastrophic event in the near future, we will be dropping the portals to relieve financial pressure on not only us but the economy of Dalaran who is funding the majority of its costs associated.

  7. stri

    Guaranteed my mage played no part in this, he would so lobby against anything like this, his argument being ‘sit in this server’s trade channel for about a minute during prime playing hours, i’m not wasting my reagents on these creatures, no matter the cost’

  8. Muffinslam - New Fan

    oh no, You jinxed it.
    now warlocks will get City Portals too. o,o

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