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The attempt before, we wiped about 15 seconds in. We lost our main tank and our top DPS during the last phase. Zero points for style, but who cares? MY TITLE, LET ME SHOW YOU IT.

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  1. Angrybear

    Congrats! I remember that moment and how good it felt to take Arthas down for the first time.

  2. Ratshag

    Is big hairy Congo rats.

  3. Baraan

    We’ve been rather late because of shrinking of the guild as well, congratz to your success! :)

  4. Girl_vs_MMO

    Congrats to you and your guild! My guild and I just got our Kingslayer title on Saturday night. You shouldn’t care what anyone has to say because at the end of the day you guys still pulled it together and got it done.

  5. kate


  6. Kimberly

    GRATZ! It doesn’t matter when you do it. Me? I’ll end up doing it when I hit 85. 😉

  7. Kelazuril

    Grats, guys. My guild got to the Lich King a few days before 4.01, and then with the reset of the raid locks, we had to start over. We actually managed to power through all 11 bosses in a night, then after a few weeks of trying, we got our first kill. Even if it is after 4.01, that guy is still tough, and it feels good to have beaten him during this expansion, so I know how you feel. Congratulations!

  8. Sterrin

    ^^ This. So much this.

    We got ours on Thursday. We formed a new guild in August, then started running our own 10 man in mid September, and on Thursday…we did it. I don’t care that 4.0.1 has made my boomkin absurdly overpowered. I don’t care that the 30% buff is out. I am a Kingslayer, and you can’t take that away from me.

  9. koalabear


    It doesn’t matter when you do it, it feels awesome knowing that you DID do it.

    Congrats again to all of you 😀

  10. skulldaisygimp

    Nice freakin’ work! My guild is still working on… well, our second wing. Great job. 😉

  11. Moodelius

    BOOYAH! That rocked.

  12. Jen

    It’s never too late, congratulations!

  13. Alpha0727

    Congratulations! My guild finally downed him on 25 a week ago. We wiped once at 12%. At that point, we told ourselves that no one was leaving until the LK was down. Six wipes later, we killed him. We our now on to do ICC 10 Mount runs. Everyone should go try to do Sindy’s Achievement. Congratulations again and hope everyone has completed their goals for WotLK!

  14. Gromff

    I still get goosebumps every time I read this man, can’t believe we pulled it out! Shrop is a beast for solo tanking the last 10% when I died hahahaha

  15. Yoomi

    This made me tear up! It definitely was the most epic raid fight I have ever done in my WoW career. I was freaking out around 12%. I’ll always remember Zendrix’s OMGGGGGGGGGGG in vent!

    Nao, let’s get our Starcaller titles XD~!

    I can’t wait to have more memorable moments in Cata :D~! Shock FTW!

  16. Iamamras


    Congratulation with the title :) and that sweet feeling. Remember when we got “The light of dawn”

  17. Deana

    Aye. Our group went back after a hiatus and got it on the 17th. We could feel the mojo for the group that was able to go from our guild. Gratz, Kingslayer!

  18. Shuhzaam

    I love you Riptide & Greater Healing Wave. I know I’ll be smiling for a long time when I think about us downing him!

  19. Zoopnigh

    LOLOLOLOL Kingslayers, I was expecting Bane.

  20. Wokoom

    Gratz to you! me and my guild is the exact same story! all that matters is we DID IT!!!

  21. Deathtrooper

    Congrats! And don’t worry, I got him down for the first time on friday! =D
    Just feels so good to get him down before Cata =P

  22. Coolkid

    Congrats, yeah the important part is doing it as a guild and not pugging 5 people and having the cheek to call it progression

  23. Schnecke

    Thank you!
    This kinda makes me feel strange. A great way of “strange”. My friends and me finally, after quitting wow and coming back and never hat anything like an optimal class setup nor the motivation of more than 8 of 10 of us, we put Arthas to his final rest.
    For today, we are Kingslayers.

  24. Rootbeerhead

    Don’t listen to the dreamstealers, man, they always be a’ dreamstealin’. Grats, Kingslayers.

  25. Krags

    Awesome! Amazing fight, really makes ICC awesome despite all of its other shortcomings. One of my favourite ever.

    We were in a similar situation with Bane of the Fallen King, barely managed that a few days ago. Ignore the naysayers, Defile kills you as surely with 0% as it does with 30.

  26. Riven

    Our guild went to Sunwell and downed Kil’Jaeden on the final night of Burning Crusade. NO SHAME! It was a lot of fun. Grats to you and your guildmates!!

  27. Gnomeaggedon

    Grats… though I think I got mine after you… but everything you says holds true.

  28. Defebwar

    GRATZ!!! >___< I STILL haven't gotten that…………and now no one on my server does it.

  29. Gerlock

    I’m jealous..

  30. Crestllinger

    Here here got mine the saturday before ^^

  31. Muffinslam - New Fan

    wow such a sudden amount of many comments! 😀

  32. Hurtnalbertn

    The boomkin looks exhausted, poor thing.

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