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  1. kate


  2. Moria

    I…I think I’m going to look a little more carefully at the next job fair I go to…

  3. Muffinslam - New Fan

    Hey dailyblink! I’m a Legendary Podcast watcher and a new fan of yours now!
    just watched all comics up to this one in a row, couldent stop laughing!
    and since I am a pre-orderer of Portal 2 and just re-re-re-refinished Portal 1, I must say
    I literally dropped my jaw so hard on my keyboard that it HURT when I saw the Portal reference, because it was just, so, fucking, appropriate to the joke.
    I thank you for this, making my day and entire week.
    Keep up the great work, and I am dumbfounded by the fact there are only like 3 comments per page… when I first saw some of these comic strips I imagined you have about 150,000 visitors at the website a DAY! Well, you should know that the fans you already have and I’m sure the number will grow, REALLY LOVE YOU!
    you rock!

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