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  1. brownyboi

    You know, I never thought that I’d ever hear myself say this, but as I was tanking a Heroic yesterday, the following words came out of my mouth:

    “We could really do with a mage in this group.”

    What’s happening to me?!

  2. Jamz

    Please send this into Blizzard or find away to make people read it. I get so mad at tanks that pull before CC’s go out or break CC. EVEN THE UNTHINKABLE! Mages that refuse to sheep when I repent…*hits the bitch-slap-a-mage button*

  3. Alex

    I love the end, its a reference about fight club!

  4. Krikri

    No mention of Hex? :/

  5. Tracoma

    Love this poster. My first alt is a mage (was my main back in BC), so I love that we are back to those times. People brought me along in them for my damage yes, but they also loved my sheep. So glad to be doing something more then pew-pew again. XD

  6. roze


  7. Russ Greene
    Russ Greene

    You forgot Hibernate! Druids can CC, too!

  8. Mindy Russo


  9. Random Disgruntled Druid
    Random Disgruntled Druid

    DIE! I see no Hibernate there. Or innervate, rebirth, root, cyclone, solar beam, etc.

  10. Roseamorte

    My son (adult should know not to teach his mom how to hunt raptor eggs) is giving me all sorts of rhino dung about the fact that I LOVE playing mages. I have 3 of them now (Roseamorte–blood elf; Rubyrose–gnome; and Rhuanne–worgen). He does healers and such and I just don’t care. I love mages and we do keep the rest of the party from getting out of hand.

  11. Farissa

    My main is an 85 mage (Farissa – Anachronos) and i’ve had so many groups forget about AoE damage and sheeping…sigh…eventually they will learn. Sheep = Good, Angry Mob = Baaaaah’d (bad pun i know lol).

  12. Scio

    My frog > your sheep.


  13. kskryptonian

    Sheep < Penguin

  14. Tucona

    “We conjure your meals, we make your water, we create your portals. We guard you with our sheep.”

    Sounds like you guys like Fight Club too :>

  15. AlbinoRaven

    hahaha, I love it. Hunters are the worst, just multi-shotting without a care in the world…

  16. Enade

    I love it when tanks mark a mob for sheeping then tank RIGHT ONTOP OF THE SHEEP. Makes me want to sheep our healer just to kill the tank

  17. Sinamon

    hey hey, multi-shotting is a must for hunters. not only does it put a dot on everything it hits but it’s a good aggro transfer when used with MD to the tank initially. however, i make SURE that the cc’d target is either out of the range of my MS or i position myself so that it is. if someone sheeps, hexes, roots or does any cc within the tanks own aoe range (whether it’s consecrate or thunderclap or what have you) when the fight starts, then it’s gonna get multi-shotted, no lie.

  18. Benemus

    This change made me feel so vindicated. I was one of those lame-o tanks that thought, at the very beginning of the xpac, “Yeah I know y’all are awesome with your new DPS spells and abilities and all, but let’s play this smart. Please, just sheep the moon.”

    I got so much grief for it, too. But who’s laughing now, huh? Who’s got the valor points and the shiny heroic gear now, HUH?!

    …*cough* S-sorry. I’m done.

  19. Crestllinger


  20. Muffinslam - New Fan

    I thought you were a warlock!
    oh god, will warlocks get POLYMORPH next?!
    Awesome one though, ill be sure to post this on my guild’s vent when we wipe cause of CC destruction =D

  21. Metraton

    Tanked. Tanking. Will Tank. WITHOUT ANY FORM OF CC! CC is a direct offense to Death Knight class. How can Blood take enough damage to actually piss healers?! How can Frost be asked to remove Howling Blast from their rotations?! How can Unholy ever do AoE without DnD? Screw mages, I’n gonna Leroy it.

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