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Honorable Mention: Troll the ElitistJerks message board by replying to every super-heavy math post with LOL NUBMERS, AMIRITE?!?

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  1. Hake

    I will gladly sit in the Org AH with you and start shouting random Journey lyrics.

  2. Thalgrim

    I think I might end up borrowing 2,6, and 11… Also probably 13.

    Makes my usual New Years Resolutions… well I usually don’t have any.

  3. Music-chan

    Look, to get #6, you’ll also have to be flagged. Just thought I’d throw that out there. =p

  4. Searfrost

    Sadly most people probably don’t “get” the reference in number 10. Also, if you manage number 11 send me an e-mail with instructions…it’s about time my cat earned her keep.

  5. Azek

    Help with #1: You’re dps is like Keynesian economics, over geared and inefficient!

  6. Vogie

    #8 would be fantastic.

    Nothing say’s you’ve pulled aggro like hearing “Friends are friends forever…”

  7. Svafa

    The Worgen starting zone totally syncs up with Dark Side of the Moon. You get the heart beats right when you first change and everything. Granted, you could probably just play Money on repeat for the entirety of your play session and have no problems with the two lining up.

    It’s bad that not only do I get the reference, but I’ve actually watched Wizard of Oz while listening to Dark Side of the Moon.

  8. Cyllaenoi

    Hasn’t Resolution #2 already been done? I seem to remember joining in an impromptu verse of “Don’t stop believing” in trade chat once.

    “Streetlights, people, livin’ just to find emotion,
    Hiding, somewhere in the night”

  9. Lati

    Hey…. that’s not 2011 New Year’s Resolutions… that’s only 13 New Year’s Resolutions.

    I feel jipped.

  10. blackbird_4

    On #9, I’d modify it so that you add a period after Day and remove the rest, or save it for later.

  11. Foul Ole Ron
    Foul Ole Ron


  12. The Risu
    The Risu

    *Slow clap.* NICE! 😀

    I really did Laugh Out Loud at the Trade Chat guild idea, and the Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz reference was great. You, good sir, have The Win.

  13. Trinity514

    Let me know when #8 is finished. I totally want that soundtrack for raiding!

  14. Sinamon

    #9 – i would have stopped at nathan fillion but hugging wash would be an nice extra bonus. thanks for this one :-)

  15. Windriver


  16. Konfined

    Alan Tudyk is a huggable bastard.

  17. Cliff Jones
    Cliff Jones

    Journey…..Best Band Ever!

  18. Cliff Jones
    Cliff Jones

    Well, them and REO Speedwagon…..Best Bands Ever!

  19. Muffinslam - New Fan

    wow, i actually feel proud for giggling and understand more than 10 of these jokes.
    wait, why am I proud of that? …I should stop reading Daily Blink at 2AM in my country…

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