Since the content of today’s strip is actually centered on a subject of some contention, I figured it was time to pair up a Holkinsian post with its release. I realized I had more to say on the subject that was not delivered in a way guaranteed to earn me scorn from one of the two sides of the argument.

While I do not discount what must have surely been a lot of effort and coordination for Athene and his merry band to level his paladin ‘toon from 80 to 85 in a matter of five hours, the whole episode and “World First” nonsense smacks of something that I just can’t bring myself to really care about as a WoW enthusiast. All of the different factors surrounding the apparent achievement leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The 9 hour head start over US servers, the access to the beta, the complete lack of anything individualistic about the process… the game is not designed to be a race. If it was, there would be great care made to switch on all the servers universally. Additionally, the whole “For science!” motivation didn’t impress me. Maybe my cynicism is kicking in, but when I heard what the method was– tagging mobs and then having others finish them off– I tuned out. This method has been used forever. There were no deep revelations to be found that I could see. I will leave open the possibility that maybe I tuned out too early.

On the other hand, I will not descend into the argument about whether this is “cheating” or not — Blizzard says what they did is legal, that’s fine with me. I just think it misses the point of the whole thing. Sure, if that’s how you get your kicks in WoW, then have fun, it doesn’t effect me at all. Just don’t expect me to throw a ticker-tape parade for you (and no, I’m not saying that they do).

In the end, for me, it was much ado about nothing. There are guilds that race to 85 and race to destroy the raid content in under a week. I’m just thankful that the game isn’t designed primarily for them.