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You have no idea how strong the compulsion was to have his nose just barely clear the bottom of the poster.

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  1. flame

    my expectations of you have fallen short….
    you seem to be a bit short – handed of gnome jokes.

    …. sorry

    that was a *ahem* low blow.


  2. ShineFist

    Nice poster

  3. Muffinslam - New Fan

    I would laugh so hard if you did make his nose scrape the bottom.
    but, at least your safe to say “ITS NOT ALL RAIN!”, cause nobody talked about snow ;]

    Love it, looks better than the lame posters Blizz post.
    You know how Legendary always has a diff Blizz poster at each ep? THEY SHOULD USE YOURS! TELL THEM TO! PLEASE DO! 😀

  4. Nostalgio

    Was the gnomer crest filler after he didnt fill the ma *cough* i mean page ahem.

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