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We got you a cake. Well, actually, we made a cooking recipe. It's on the AH for 10g, if you want it. No biggie.

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  1. rawrkitty

    “you didn’t sent us”

    but anyway…happy birthday! :)

  2. Music-chan

    Blizzard is sumycin pharmacy just totally unfair, right? ;D

  3. Chris
    Chris Hanel

    Wow, buy viagra now online I definitely was working on this strip way too late at night. Fixed the typo, thanks for the catch.

  4. Bravo

    I love the tool-tips

  5. Grammarjew

    @ rawkitty

    You’re wrong, you grammar nazi.

    When you use did you are already making the order generic viagra softtabs online conversion of the sentence to the past. One doesn’t put any other verbs in the past, only the auxiliar verb.

    Therefore, “You didn’t send us” is correct.

  6. Araidine

    lmao, that’s awesome

  7. Alentia

    @ Grammarjew

    You’re wrong. Learn to read. rawrkitty’s post was at buy cheap cialis soft canada “8:20 am” and was citing a typo in the strip at that point in time. Appropriately using quotes it may be derived that the comic originally had the word “sent” instead of the now correct “send.” Chris’ “11:10 am” post thanked rawrkitty for the catch. Your “5:37 pm” did not substantiate rawrkitty as wrong but actually explained why they are right. Also, you missed an “r” in their name, lexapro prescriptions online it’s rawRkitty.

  8. bigfootbigd

    Why exactly did he get banned?

  9. anoiktos

    bigfootbigd, I believe this comment is in reference to the people who complained on the cost viagra forums about wow’s 6th anniversary not coming with an exclusive mini-pet. Some of them threatened to cancel their accounts. The ‘role reversal’ is just a neat way of emphasizing exactly how silly their argument is. “It’s your birthday, why didn’t you give us a present? I’m going to cancel my account!”

  10. Cyllid


    WoW recently celebrated it’s 6th birthday.

    And unlike the 4th/5th birthday, the players didn’t get any present/pet in the mail.

    This comic is pointing out that some players outrage at not getting presents during WoW’s birthday is pretty irrational.

  11. Muffinslam - New Fan

    Awww, Blizz are just disrepsectful.

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