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The President of Madagascar was reportedly taking the situation seriously: SHUT. DOWN. EVERYTHING!

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  1. Suke

    why i have a impression many did take some days off for it. I know my delivery man was going crazy, he didnt understand why the hell he has to deliver so many packages in 1 day

  2. manos1234

    oh dear, it seems I am one of the few people who did not gave up on their studies for cataclysm leveling

  3. Lycanthrope

    Where do I find WoW tissues?

  4. Scyx

    Do those tissues require you to be a teen O_o? must be hardcore!

  5. Troqu

    I was amazed at how few people called in sick/ requested time off on Tuesday at my job. Apparently only 4 of about 200 of us did.

  6. Jezzikiah

    Awesome lol

  7. sherra

    *falls off chair laughing* whats bad is i know someone who actually took 3 days off work for this then again i cant say much i got off work and went and bought at around 1 am

  8. urarenge

    nice reference to Pandemic 2 in there.

  9. Notforsex

    What’s sad is I couldn’t laugh at this one. A day before Cata was released I was thinking about a daily blink article headline… “World Wide Epidemic!” I thought it would be funny. And now I see this. Kudos on reading my mind

  10. The420dwarf

    I took the day before and the day of off that week. The Night of the day it was released i was in the ER cause i was sick. I didn’t work Wednesday cause I was sick. Went in thursday cause I HAD to . Now its Monday 12/13 at 12am in to morning. i have been admitted to the hospital since Friday night. I have pneumonia.

  11. Totalhalibut

    Pneumonia from being in Northrend too long….otherwise known as ‘wrath syndrome’.

  12. Rondy

    The only days I never have WoW sickness is Maintenance Tuesdays :)

  13. Darkening

    I laughed so hard at the pandemic 2 reference. I love this comic so much and I don’t even play WoW.

  14. Muffinslam - New Fan

    Amazing. I havent truely thought about it before, but this is most likely what freaking happened.
    DID WE JUST BREAK THE ECONOMY? AGAIN?! well cata release was a long time ago… but we prolly fucked something up.

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