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Last seen on my Auction House for 30g. I hate you, Inscriptionists. I hate you with every fiber of my being. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. I WISH TO DRINK FROM THE FOUNAIN OF HATRED (AND CAPITALISM).

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  1. Tehdk

    i spent 1000g on 60 cards….im pretty retarded arent i :P

  2. sirfwalgman

    LOL. Stop ruining my business! These things sell great. As a Christmas treat I gave away 10 free and a dude hit the 5000g one. Amazing!

  3. Whimzee

    I had people buy some that were already flipped and said nothing interesting for over 1g each.

  4. Music-chan

    HA! Griftah :D

  5. skulldaisygimp

    I swear, that’s not enough warning for some people. Like the ones who buy Longjaw Mud Snapper recipes for ten gold instead of taking the zeppelin to Undercity. :P Not that I’m complaining too much. :P

  6. Akiya warrior
    Akiya warrior

    Don’t forget the heavy leather ball recipe from the leatherworking supplier in Ironforge. Although it is limited, it pops up about 10 times per day. Buy it from vendor for 1s or whatever, sell it on AH for 65g-75g. I’ve been doing this for months :D

  7. Achelos

    Gief the First Aid books back T_T

  8. Densar

    Failed to highlight that you can use the viagra without a prescription card with flour to make 90stat food and when you eat it you get a fortune card which is possibly the best raid food since u can make 5000gold while buffing yourself! (yes i am addicted to fortune cookies)

  9. pajaritto

    i spent 6k of gold in cards , im a fkn retarded

    never buy that fkn shiit

  10. petear

    Its not inscriptionists dammit! Its SCRIBES!!!

  11. LeonW

    You know those enchanting vellums available from enchanting trainers? For 10s? Been selling about 20 a day on the AH since the sundering for 3-4G each.

    I’ve been selling the cards for 30G each, but baked into cookies. Which does make a fair amount of buy cialis internet sense.

  12. Sienn

    I been selling 50-100 a day, I love em. Thank God for suckers.

  13. Datrollz0r

    And so the iscritpioners are now rich, the most useless profession in the game D:
    I spent over 6’000 on these cards…I am really retarded….

  14. Arg

    Sell the buy viagra internet mats, cialis sales they sell for more/easier. At least on my server.

  15. Linkage

    This has been bothering me for a while why you would think these cards are not worth more than 20s, especially since they cost 40s to even make. What we would need is someone collecting a large sample of the cards and seeing what the average really is.

    Looks like the cards are actually worth about 10 times what you were warning us about. Science: it works bitches!

  16. Crestllinger

    Meh I get them for the food buff, the fact that i’ve goten a few of the 5000g ones is just a bonus, and considering when a stack of severed fish heads sell for more than a stack of these cards on the server its a win win.

  17. Muffinslam - New Fan


  18. Metraton

    If there are realms where one such card costs less than 5 gold – they deserve to be deleted. Really. To be SO populated, so farmed, to have something Cataclysmic to cost silver? I hope that was a joke.
    -Fortune Cookie seller, EU-Vek’nilash

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