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Final tally: 2 screenshots, 51 Photoshop layers, 9 hours work. Before image for those who like hovertext -

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  1. Deana

    Aye. Some of the quests and conversation between Sylvannis and Hellscream are, uh, a biatch! The forsaken…the new scourge? Hmmm. My fav new quest in Tarren Mill…the shovel and the human seeds (and whacking them to save them from the forsaken). Wow. Hello Walking Dead?

  2. Xaos

    That is so epic I don’t even have the words to describe it.

  3. Tufva

    Awesome! I am not a forsaken fan, but that poster is beautiful – I agree with your wife – one for each faction leader would be awesome!

  4. Cadaver138

    Holy shit! This is awesome. Already set as my iPhone wallpaper.
    I’ve spent the last week levelling up an undead warlock and its so fun to actually be evil.

  5. marzim

    so… where can i get this as a 1680×1050 wallpaper?

  6. Music-chan

    to be serious for a moment!

    The problem with Lordaeron is that there are both living and dead who claim right to it. The other problem is that neither wants to live with the other. It would be nice if people would just acknowledge that the Forsaken do have a right to live on the land they died on, but Sylvanas is being a total crazy bitch about the whole situation.

    I’d also like to point out that the Forsaken are trying to take lands that DON’T belong to them, namely Gilneas. So….that’s the situation we’re in now. Fun times. Having played a worgen, I was really quite mad at the Forsaken. The Gilneans weren’t doing anything but staying behind their wall, having a civil war and the Forsaken decided to try to take their land. Pretty unfair all around.

  7. Azek

    Can you link hi-res version so one could go adventure down to Kinko’s and make instant posters?

  8. Girl_vs_MMO

    We totally need one for all the faction leaders. Pleasssse and thank you. Also can we get this in desktop wallpaper sizes. It looks awesome!

  9. BridgetteMcBride

    Just so long as the one for Tyrande is awesome, I’d be thrilled. I loved it. I’d love to see more. You can be funny another day.

  10. Kitty

    Why, yes it does. Forsaken are my favourite race. The undead areas are now the most awesome I’ve been in..

  11. Fletcher

    *Lordaeron* belongs to the Forsaken. The *other* side of that wall, however? Does not.

  12. Noctia

    I second that request for a desktop wallpaper! Gorgeous!

    I tried playing a worgen; but I hate, hate, HATE that they spend the first five levels killing their own kind because they’re “motherless beasts”. Then they turn around and accept each other so long the worgen are acting human enough; and kill the undead instead, as if they’re somehow worse. – How do we know that none of the invading Forsaken were friends or relatives of the Gilneans when they were alive? – And neither threat, worgen or undead, seeks to destroy Gilneas, only change it.

    I stand firmly with Sylvanas. Greymane wanted the worgen dead until he became one. He deserves whatever the Forsaken can throw at him.

  13. RPJ

    Farking zombie bastards.

    /Scarlet Power!
    //Never give up, never surrender!

  14. Pigipally

    Please, I am NOT trolling. But what am I looking at here? I see a ruined bridge in the backround, but what is that in the foreground? I’m just not seeing it. I’m making out arrows and a bow…

  15. firadesunna

    Pigipally: Thats Sylvannas Windrunner :) leader of the forsaken

  16. tutttu

    Lordaeron belongs to the humans

  17. Shaidin

    Lorderon may belong to the Forsaken, but Gilneas will be ours forever!

  18. Rondy

    The Banshee Queen will be nothing but a memory before long. Blizzard is obviously working to removing the Forsaken from the Horde altogether, in order to start a new 3rd faction, or to kill off Sylvannas altogether.

  19. Muffinslam - New Fan

    You know, if you show this to blizzard, you will definitely get payed. a lot.
    or sued.
    but I think payed! This most likely IS already your job, something about graphics and stuff, but maybe even corporate the entire comic with something blizzlikeish?
    this picture is just amazing. I cant even stack 51 layers of WHITE PAPER in a pretty way, you do that with PHOTOSHOP THINGYS! (I have no clue about graphics and photoshoping, excuse my ignorance :P)

  20. Alex Djema
    Alex Djema

    Man can we get this one at Poster/Wallpaper Size?!

  21. Varley

    Always and forever, milady. Always and forever.


  22. faifai

    I’m with Pigipally here. Look, the background is great, the line is great, the font & kerning is great, the sentiment is great–but the figure is a complete mess. Really shoulda gone with another angle on Sylvanas.

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