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I think the lever is stuck for my account on one of those two ends. It ain't Paragon.

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  1. Swenka

    Haha, of course that’s how it works.

  2. Chantâ

    Love it, so true so so true

  3. Jezzikiah


  4. Kendra

    Spot on..also the afk most of the time without telling anyone and the when gets kicked harasses pst you for 2 hours.

  5. Chantâ

    Need to have, Hunter doesn’t dismiss pet before jumps. Pet feels lonly and brings friends to the raid.

  6. Róse

    HAHAHAHA, I LOL’d so bad when I read ‘tanks who hate grim batol and insta-quit’!

    Been doing that for weeks and last night my friend (healer) joined me for random heroic and he insisted on doing grim batol when it came up, ended up leaving anyway hahahaha

    oculus v2.0

  7. Attenborough

    Funny because my old guild used to be named :(

  8. Attenborough

    … stands in fire? Ah, HTML ruined me. Of course.

  9. Me

    i have omen, but ‘runs it with open’ wth?

  10. NineK

    What have ‘Noobz’ to with that scale? They must have misspell newbiez.

  11. Nyaan

    you’re pretty bad if you need a threat mod for heroics

  12. Pere

    I’ve been lucky enough to be on the top side of the ladder… Have been in all-paragon groups like 3 times and with random paragon guys at least 4 more or so… And they’re quite decent people too and very helpful.

  13. Mason

    What gets me is that there are clearly levels below the last one shown.

  14. Enki

    Forgot: “gogogog”

  15. Kreno

    So umm… I like it when I have 3 mages as the dps… is that weird?

  16. Insects

    What is wrong with Omen?

  17. Araidine

    Oh, how I love thee <3

  18. Zaphon

    You missed out the classic 3 DK/Warrior DPS group I’ve been getting a LOT of lately. Having 0 CC is one thing, but having 3 Melee for some heroics is an absolute NIGHTMARE.

  19. Trocal


    Nothing, that’s why it is in the top end ^^

  20. Spine

    3 Mages – the only way to go.

  21. Quillz

    “you’re pretty bad if you need a threat mod for heroics”

    No, YOU’RE pretty bad if you think you don’t have to watch your own threat.

  22. vehere


    i must say as a top notch dps, i’ve never needed anything more than a simple threat percentage bar that is built into the game above the enemies health bar, ever. aslong as you know what you are doing, this is all anyone should ever need.

  23. fixatron

    3 mages option should be changed to “3 mages in stonecore heroic and wipe your asses off at Ozruk.”

  24. 8bitmadness

    luckily I got into Paragon recently. Im BFFs with Diivil. he has the new legendary.

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