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This guy isn't Warchief! Remember last year, when you thought the escaped Gorilla was Warchief? *gasps* That wasn't our Warchief?!

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  1. Zoz

    I don’t get it! Why does Garrash want to rule the Horde so badly? What does he have to gain? Or to lose? And the melfunctionings of this interview completely elude me.

  2. Frika

    Ammm… Blood elf leader…who? Ha ha ha ha ha

  3. Music-chan

    Poor Lor’themar, so underacknowledged. That’s what he gets for being a bureaucrat.

  4. BridgetteMcBride

    Even us Blood Elves think that Sylvannas is leading us. I mean, seriously, Lor’themar is just ‘who’? Oh, the dude in the throne chamber.

    Can we get a REAL leader please?! Maybe have Alleria Windrunner return from Outland to lead the Blood Elves or something.

    We need a leader!

  5. Moria

    I think you all underestimate Lor’themar. Remember when Kael’thas went bat**** crazy in Outland and got most of the BEs under his command killed or turned into felblood? And this is AFTER the Scourge decimated the BE population. Lor’themar kept the elves going even after they were betrayed by their beloved Prince Kael’thas. He fought for AND WON a place in the Horde. (Remember, they were a tiny, decimated, ally-less kingdom at the time. A strong breeze could have wiped them out at that point.) He took over leadership of the Blood Elves after Arthas destroyed Silvermoon and wiped out both king AND ruling council.,and kept the Scourge remnants from destroying what little was left of Quel’thalas. He took back Quel’thalas from said Scourge remnants. And he’s rebuilding.

    I think it’s entirely possible that Lor’themar Theron is the reason the Blood Elves still exist as a people. Not bad for a bureaucrat.

  6. Thandiel

    I gotta say though, I can’t see Kael’thas as anything other than a whiny little man-child thanks to that series someone did about the villains of Azeroth.

  7. Keysa

    Lor’the-who? Poor guy’s in the same as the leader of the Draenei… uh.. what’s his name… I should know this since I’m a NE… uh… Velen? maybe? XD

  8. Hippojuice

    Awesome! Nice Zim reference 😀

  9. Exothermic

    I wrote a similar interview for a fake magazine I had to make for my computer lit class! Yeah, we don’t do anything worthwhile in there. i haven’t learned a single thing and the exam is tomorrow! aja;sdlkjadskjdslkjadslkj QQ al;dkjfasdl;kjf T_T

  10. Mr_Goodkat

    Lor’themar didn’t “fought AND WON” a place in the Horde, Sylvannas stabilished contact with the BEs and brought them into the Horde.

    Second, Alleria Windrunner is an Alliance Hero. The changes she’d lead the Blood Elves, specially when she is not a Blood Elf herself, are slim. But then, all Blood Elves used to be Alliance too, so who knows…

  11. Wakinyan

    The whiny little Blood Elves don’t deserve a place in the mighty Horde! It’s obvious that they can’t be trusted — just look at the hostile ones in Terrokar Forest.

  12. mans51

    reminds me of “AFK players” latest machinima.

  13. Akire

    Lor’themar theron…

    whos that guy? o.O xDDDDDDDDD

  14. Muffinslam - New Fan

    You know he totally used demorilazing roar the SECOND you casted invis.
    I would Iceblock and simply ragequit.

    Either way,
    this was awesome. It really fell in character, except for the part where he smokes cigars and plays black Ops with baine :P…. I loved the way you said it, but as a lore geek I would think its more like: “I dont murder him and he doesnt murder me” relationship. more of a ONLASTING TRUCE…. Still, amazing scripting. cause nobody truely knows Lor’themar.

    P.S: I dont mind such things, but last time you made a spelling mistake somebody pointed it out and you were happy about it, so: “Look, can we hurry this up? I have an early TEE time….”
    and if this is intentional and your talking about Shirts, or something I cannot see, sorry. English is not my home language.

  15. Squeekers



  16. Metraton

    While a big lorefan respect to Moria, I cant stop laughing and agreeing that “Who?” is the best title for Lor’themar.

  17. Spiffydude

    Haha, this one was great. I totally think there need to be more interviews on here.

    @Zoz I’m just gonna slide you under the bed now. This way the story can go on.

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